Just tell me he’s still interested in me Jacob, please.

I stared at the text for a while, not knowing how to reply. Sarah was asking about her boyfriend, who happened to be a close friend of mine. Of course I knew he wasn’t interested in her any more; he kept telling me how he only liked her because her parents were never home.

“Oh e dey mean say any time I make bored I go fit go ein there eat am free of charge,” were Nsiah’s exact words. At the time they had seemed funny. Not now though; not now.

The phone vibrated in my hand.

I’m not asking you to snitch or anything. Just let me know if I’m wasting my time.

Sarah was a close friend of mine too. In fact it was through me that Nsiah had met her. It wasn’t just a question of the right thing to do, it was also a question of who I owed more allegiance to.

Does he seem uninterested? Because…

Because what? I couldn’t think of what to add. I backspaced a little. Her reply was almost instant.

You know him. He’s on and off. And Maame told me he’s been attempting to ron her friend. It’s not the first time I’m hearing something like this.

I laughed. Nsiah had told me of Maame’s many advances and how he had never turned any of them down. “Abi Sarah dey tell am all my skills so she naa she want test,” Nsiah had said, and then proceeded to tell me how he had shown her he ‘was not her size’ on different occasions in her hostel. If Sarah even suspected this, it’d kill her.

Jacob I know I’m putting you in a tight spot but I just want to know if I’m wasting my time.

Before I could think it through I found myself typing out a reply.

You are.

It wasn’t that I hated Nsiah or that I wanted to ruin what he had going. God knows I had my own sins to think of. I just felt like those words would comfort her. Give her some kind of closure she desperately needed. Another short vibration.

Wow. I don’t even think I want to know more. 

Don’t tell him I said anything. In fact can you delete the message or something? I reply, trying to be cautious. I didn’t want Nsiah to find out about this in anyway. He’d take it personally, and it really wasn’t.

Of course Jay. Thanks for telling me. I mean it.

I had nothing else to say so I let the conversation die out.

About three hours later my phone begun to vibrate again. Nsiah was calling me. Hesitantly I picked.

“What’s up G?” I asked, trying my best to sound casual.

“Yo chale, you dey house?” he answered.

“Yeah man, I no commot today.”

“Okay vim, I dey come your there. Some fucked up shit e happen me today paah eh? Rydee I dey commot from hospital sef.”

“Hahaha why you go chop some nasty waakye or what? Or Obaa Yaa then Maame give you AIDS?”

“Oh chale like that one sef e chill. I go Sarah ein there today sey I dey go look sharp – as usual – wey this chick start dey accuse me say I dey cheat on am…”

“Chalee…wey what e happen?”

“Walaahi today I see say God dey. Like I no grab ein hand eh, like you dey plan your shadda give my funeral that.”

“Wait, what? I no dey barb. What do you mean?”

“The bitch attacked me with a knife man!”

9 thoughts on “Snitch

  1. Damn!! That’s a mild way of saying what I actually wanted to say lol. But chale you’re good with these short stories man.

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