Fui Can-Tamakloe is a Ghanaian short story writer & poet. He’s Editor for The Nami Podcast, and Fiction Editor for the Contemporary Ghanaian Writers’ Series. In 2017 he co-authored and self-published Made in Ghana: A Collection of Short Stories with Rodney Assan. His works have appeared in the Kenkey for Ewes & Other Very Short Stories anthology, Creatives Anonymous Ghana, Tampered Press, and other online literary platforms.

Fui writes stories that the everyday Ghanaian, and possibly other West African people, can relate to. Occasionally, he writes those stories in Ghanaian pidgin. This blog is where he posts short stories for free public consumption. However, reproducing the content anywhere (electronic or print) should not be considered without explicit permission.

Contact Fui on any of the following in case you wish to interview, ask for permissions or present business opportunities:

Email: cantamakloe@live.com

Twitter: @afadjato / @pidgingriot

Instagram: @afadjato

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