We Hail You, Sah!

Dear Brother Arhin, My main man Eugenius, you genius! I salute you Sah. Or should I call you Arrhenius, because you are a scientist, proper! Listen you should hold a masterclass on “how to launch your family into generational wealth in less than two terms” because I think those of us with political aspirations have … Continue reading We Hail You, Sah!

We Have Transcended Patriotism Here in Ghana

Dear Party Footsoldier, I am sorry. Truly. From the bottom of my heart - yes, the one that you are always causing to overwork because I have always been annoyed by your politics - I ask for your forgiveness. Because, as I write you this letter, my eyes have been opened.    When I called … Continue reading We Have Transcended Patriotism Here in Ghana