We Hail You, Sah!

Dear Brother Arhin, My main man Eugenius, you genius! I salute you Sah. Or should I call you Arrhenius, because you are a scientist, proper! Listen you should hold a masterclass on “how to launch your family into generational wealth in less than two terms” because I think those of us with political aspirations have … Continue reading We Hail You, Sah!

We Have Transcended Patriotism Here in Ghana

Dear Party Footsoldier, I am sorry. Truly. From the bottom of my heart - yes, the one that you are always causing to overwork because I have always been annoyed by your politics - I ask for your forgiveness. Because, as I write you this letter, my eyes have been opened.    When I called … Continue reading We Have Transcended Patriotism Here in Ghana

Making Set

Note: Here's another pidgin flash fiction story I found from 2017.  Adwoa dey pressure me make we born. Everyday I dey hear "I want to be a mother!" for house. I no make set, I dey tell am.  "Everyday you no make set!" Always she dey shout put my top. Everyday this woman want dey … Continue reading Making Set


This is a prequel to S for Secret Admirer. “Yo brethren ya’know that my list? Every gyal on it. Every fine ass gyal, man. Because your boy Rasta picky. Daniella, Susan, Araba,  err…Martin’s gyal? Me nah know ‘er name.” “Silvia?” Legacy supplied. “Silviaaa! Yah man, she the one. Me wan tap that tin since she … Continue reading Mining