My kiddie time everybro dey call me Brenya. Them say my hair no dey grow. The kiddies dey laugh me sey why sey everybody dey cot ein hair once a month, but me I dey cot my own every four months? Them dey laugh my hair sey if e grow sef e dey come dot-dot-dot like too fee. Goat shit. My name change from Brenya to TF sekof everybro dey fear sey my mommee go lash them if them call me goat shit. 


The older people too always dey talk my hair matter. The teachers for the Cluster there dey ask me why sey I no dey comb my hair. I no try tell them sey e be hard. E better sey I go collect the canes for assembly go cry for classroom. We dey on shift system so if I cry small then we close. This be why I go shon school very soon. The teachers no get sense.


I no dey understand why people dey laugh my hair. If you dey barber your own everyday, eno be money you dey waste? God know sey I no get money so e no dey make my hair grow. The same way e know sey mommee no get time cook for house, so if I chop once e no dey make I hong plenty. I know more boys wey dema stomach dey control them. For here, if your stomach control you either sey you go die or you go go jail. Sekof if your stomach control you, you go steal. Wey if them catch you sey you dey steal, them no dey ask you question. The slaps alone you go collect you naa you go beg sey make them take you go police station. 


Some day wey I go barber my hair wey the barber crob everything for top. I no understand why e do that thing, but I no question am. You ever meet barber wey ein guy name be Wicked before? That be my man. Then e be rasta-man wey e shon so e cot all ein hair get santo, but e still dey speak the patois.


“Yuh look like goodboy now, ya feel me?” That me what e tell me. I diss am for my head inside wey I pay am. Kwɛ ehee fee. Like I want santo like I make Okpoti use blade then comb crob am for house. I commot wey I go park top sekof I know sey boys go dey play ball for there. Them see me pɛ them all shon dey play the ball. Them chase me knock knock my head. Them dey laugh. I no understand them. Them all know sey my teacher dey tell me sey my head die but them dey knock am dey commot the small sense wey I get. 


Okunta wey e see them tell them sey make them stop. By that time them gaa me make my head all swa-swa. I want tell them sey dem all dema mordas but ebi God e hold my mof. Them dey laugh me sey why I go crob my hair santo like that, I no get money anaa? Sekof my hair no dey grow so e mean sey I no go cot my hair till two years time. I start dey cry sekof I no understand why them dey talk this thing. Okunta tell me sey make I go my mommee ein there, real men no dey cry. As I catch my mommee ein there too she start dey shout put my top sekof my head all swa-swa. I try explain to am sey ebi Wicked wey e cot my head santo but she no listen me. For ein mind inside she feel sey I chop the barber money wey I tell Okpoti sey make e use the blade and comb crob am. She insult me saa wey she tell me sey make I carry akpeteshie for my head top go sell. That be the job she dey make I do. 


That day I suffer. I carry the thing for my head top but I no fit balance am sekof my head dey pain me. I sure sey that be why she make I carry am. She wan teach me lesson for something wey no be my fault. She dey tell me sey I no for dey make the boys dey beat me, wey me too I tell am sey them all big pass me. I no barb why she no understand. She dey beat me. Poppee sef e never dey house, if e come pɛ e dey beat me. The landlord dey beat me everytime I rep “Wash me” for ein car top. For school the teachers dey beat me sekof my hair. Them dey beat me sekof them sey I dey smell like akpeteshie every morning. I tell them sey I no dey drink, I dey sell am. Them feel sey I dey lie. Teacher Martey, the one wey dey buy my akpeteshie everyday dey beat me the most sekof one time I tell the whole staff room sey e dey love buy my drink. I no know sey ebi ein dey lead dema devotion everyday. So I receive the beatings. Everybody dey beat me, so if my boys dey beat me too ebi normal. At least if them get chow, we all dey chop. At least if them dey play ball, I dey get sɛlɛ. Them be my friends. Even if them dey beat me. 


I sell my akpeteshie finish wey I sit down small for some stairs e dey the residential flats there. Them sey Nkrumah wey build them. I no meet the Nkrumah guy but I sure sey e bɔɔ waa. All the masons I know them bɔɔ sekof them dey carry cement. Wey ebi masons them dey build. I sit there small wey I sleep. As I dey sleep I dream sey somebody ein hands dey my shorts inside. I open my eyes small see sey ebi some small girl she dey do. She no know sey I wake up. She dey touch touch my thing like she no see some before. I wan laugh am tell am sey ebi snake so make she stop. But the thing dey sweet me. So I do like I dey bed wey I watch am. 


I no hear sey somebody dey come but all I see sey somebro carry the girl from back lift am from my front. The girl ein heart cot wey she start dey scream. The person be some man. E tell am sey make she relax. She start dey cry, dey speak plenty english dey tell am sey she no know what she dey do. E watch me, wey e watch the girl. Wey e start dey beat me. I want tell am sey I no know the girl from anywhere. I want tell am sey e no be my fault, I dey sleep my sleep wey this thing come happen. I see sey eno go stop wey me too I start dey cry. I want tell am sey if e dey beat me make e no beat my head sekof the boys beat am already. Make e no beat my back sekof my teachers beat am already. Make e no beat me at all.


Them beat me already. 

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