Traffic Romance

E happen fast, but my eye catch am.

We dey troski inside wey we stop for traffic light. The mate do like sey e dey stretch wey ein hand commot from the window inside wack some hawker ein breast. She ask am for Twi inside sey as e be pikin e no suck breast or what?

The people wey them dey near the car window hear.

One man laugh.

One woman ask the hawker why she dey make men touch touch am anyhow.

Fucking woman.

Some other man talk sey the mate hyΙ›da wey e do.

The mate talk sorry wey the car start dey move.

Me pΙ› I see the ten cedi note e take chook the woman ein bra inside.

13 thoughts on “Traffic Romance

  1. Me a talk say you dey change literary scene for gh dier, make i no get blessings some erh? Coolio
    Your pidgin style really is something though. A whole new genre of books could spring up. Push the limits bruh

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