Bladder Problems

The Juvenile Community

Yes, Ali is in jail. If you ask him what for, he’ll ask you if you can guess (trust a Ghanaian to answer a question with a question). Because Ali is well-built and looks very hardened, you’ll say stealing, mugging, beating up someone, maybe even rape. He’ll never tell you, but Ali was arrested for urinating in public.

Yes, in other countries this reason for arrest may be perfectly normal, but we aren’t in those countries. We are in Ghana. Even the police do this thing. So why is Ali in jail?

It’s a funny thing.

So Ali was urinating by a freeway one day (you know the one with almost no traffic and speeding cars?) which personally I think is quite stupid. Why urinate by speeding cars? But don’t judge, Ali has a very small bladder and so he can urinate where he damn well pleases. His words, not…

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