From The Mind Of A Juvenile Ghanaian Philosopher

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Don’t mind what they say, it’s GOOD to be LAZY.


Before you continue reading, I just want you to know this is just another opinion post by some guy, somewhere. Now, one question I’d like you to ask yourself is why I believe my opinion to be so important that I had to share it with you. Well the answer is simple.

I thought of it.

Okay, before you judge that to be entirely egocentric, understand why I said that. I’m a lazy person. A very lazy person. At first I didn’t believe I was that lazy, but constant reminders by my parents, my Physics teacher and, you aren’t going to believe this, my anti-virus software (I’m sure if AVG asks me to update again, it’d add “You lazy bastard” to the request) have led me to the conclusion that I am.

And like all lazy people, I’ve been looking for excuses to REMAIN lazy…

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