One Minute to Live

The Juvenile Community

My little sister and I stared in horror as the clock face started a countdown from one minute.

“What did you do?” I screamed at her in panic, all the while trying to assess the situation. It wasn’t a big bomb, and we were the only ones in the house. We could make it outside to safety before it went off.

56 seconds.

Let’s go! I shouted to her as I raced out the room. I didn’t stop to get anything. Nothing was more imperative than our safety. I turned to make sure she was following me. She wasn’t.

53 seconds.

Ewurama, you’re wasting time, let’s go! I shouted, frantically beckoning her to come with me. She just stood there, scared.

“Buster!” she whispered to me.

49 seconds.

Buster! Bloody hell! Buster was our dog, and granted we all loved him, but a dog was a dog! But I…

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