Making Set

Note: Here's another pidgin flash fiction story I found from 2017.  Adwoa dey pressure me make we born. Everyday I dey hear "I want to be a mother!" for house. I no make set, I dey tell am.  "Everyday you no make set!" Always she dey shout put my top. Everyday this woman want dey … Continue reading Making Set

Akwetey Soldier-man!

Akwetey Soldier-man! (Soldier!) Akwetey marry Ayeley (Soldier!) Akwetey do am fine (Soldier!) Akwetey go to war (Soldier!) Akwetey go keep long (Soldier!) Ayeley no fit wedge (Soldier!) Ayeley bor away (Soldier!) Now Ayeley dey preg (Soldier!) Akwetey too come home (Soldier!) Ayeley start dey fear (Soldier!) Akwetey no for hear (Soldier!) So she run awaaaaaay! … Continue reading Akwetey Soldier-man!