Making Set

Note: Here's another pidgin flash fiction story I found from 2017.  Adwoa dey pressure me make we born. Everyday I dey hear "I want to be a mother!" for house. I no make set, I dey tell am.  "Everyday you no make set!" Always she dey shout put my top. Everyday this woman want dey … Continue reading Making Set

Everything Scatter

Note: I was clearing out my laptop and discovered a pidgin flash fiction story I wrote in 2017. I hope you enjoy it.  We dey stay place where the government no dey care about we. I dey talk stay but the real matter be sey we no dey stay here. Ebe survive we dey survive. … Continue reading Everything Scatter


This is a prequel to S for Secret Admirer. “Yo brethren ya’know that my list? Every gyal on it. Every fine ass gyal, man. Because your boy Rasta picky. Daniella, Susan, Araba,  err…Martin’s gyal? Me nah know ‘er name.” “Silvia?” Legacy supplied. “Silviaaa! Yah man, she the one. Me wan tap that tin since she … Continue reading Mining