Painful Lessons

Don’t do it, don’t do it. I willed myself, trying to stay strong. But my body never obeys me in times like this. My eyes welled up with tears, and they started to make their slow descent down my face. Kweku looked at me, slightly confused. “Ah, are you crying?” he asked, his eyes widening with … Continue reading Painful Lessons

Akwetey Soldier-man!

Akwetey Soldier-man! (Soldier!) Akwetey marry Ayeley (Soldier!) Akwetey do am fine (Soldier!) Akwetey go to war (Soldier!) Akwetey go keep long (Soldier!) Ayeley no fit wedge (Soldier!) Ayeley bor away (Soldier!) Now Ayeley dey preg (Soldier!) Akwetey too come home (Soldier!) Ayeley start dey fear (Soldier!) Akwetey no for hear (Soldier!) So she run awaaaaaay! … Continue reading Akwetey Soldier-man!