We Face Forward

This was going to be a thread, but I decided to make it a short post on my blog instead.


This last decade was full of changes and challenges; some I was prepared for, and others I didn’t expect. I grew a lot, fell in love a couple times, lost a full head of hair, and found friends that became family. Most importantly though, my virginity remained intact.

If you’ve been a part of my life in the last ten years, know that I am grateful for experiencing you. Know also that I have never faced any new year with as much strength as I do today. Know that I credit this newfound strength to you. I stand because you prop me up, and I shall forever be in your debt. 

I end this with a Kwame Nkrumah quote,
“We face neither East nor West, we face Forward.”
Thank you.
Happy New Decade!
(To those that count from 0)
Happy New Year-That-Ends-the-Decade!
(To those that count from 1)

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