Do you know regret? Regret is when you wish something hadn’t happened after the fact. It makes you feel like if you had had more information about the consequences of an action, you would have gone out of your way to avoid it. It is a useless emotion and I don’t like to waste time on it.

Unlike Celeste. Celeste is a great girl. She’s my girlfriend. She’s funny and smart and by God I’ve never had a more interesting woman in my bed. But Celeste has a flaw, like all of us. She wallows in regret. Clings to it. If something bad happens Celeste will run at least a thousand scenarios about how it could have all been avoided. She’s doing the same thing right now.

We are on a highway I’ve never been on, with a car that is out of fuel. Stuck. We don’t know anyone around. In fact there’s no one around. We can’t call anyone because the cell phone reception here is as sketchy as a politician’s promise. It must be due to all the mountains around. Celeste is in the car fuming about how I should have noticed the fuel was low. How was I supposed to, when I had just found out the fuel gauge was broke?

Didn’t you notice the car had gotten lighter?

Fuck no, isn’t that what driving fast makes it seem like?

Why didn’t you just fill the tank completely before we left Accra?

Because the fuel in Accra is more expensive dammit. I’m trying to save.

Well look what your damn fiscal savvy has caused!

I retreat into a moody silence and open the boot of the car. I need a gallon. I look under the dead body, but there’s no gallon there. Just two damn shovels we could have gotten for less. The heat has started to work on the body and I can smell the beginnings of rot. We would have to dispose of it real soon before it stinks up my car.

There’s no gallon in the car, I tell her.

How is that my problem, she fumes. I laugh. How is the dead body in the boot my problem as well? It isn’t, but I’m still here. Man the fuck up.

She gets out of the car, irritated, and walks over to my side. I laugh at her. I hand her a shovel.

We can bury him over there, I say, pointing to some bushes not too far off from the road.

You’re sure?

Yes, before someone comes to our aid and sees his body inside my car.

I shouldn’t have killed him, she begins.

Fuck. The regret thing is really starting to piss me off.

10 thoughts on “Regret

  1. Hmmmm… Dark irreverent…. Point? Shock? Definately arresting story. Got my attention, defo!!!! But the point of it appears to be the whimsy of a classic short story. Which it does really well. But i feel frustrated cos I wanna know more. Why dont you find a common thread in some of these stories and put out an anthology of some kind along some common theme either of chronology ; when they were written or a common message for example. I think it would be wicked paaah!!!! Don’t you see. You are good at this. There was some little 12 year old ghanian boy making a sensation on Amazon now. Heard of him? Sorry to be such an irritating fan!!! You ought to be published man. U have the ability to tell yarn. Bigup!!!!

    1. 😂😂😂 Thanks a lot for the comments and encouragements, I truly appreciate them! I’ve actually been published twice: I featured in an anthology titled Kenkey for Ewes, and also self-published with Rodney Assan in 2017; a book titled ‘Made In Ghana: A Collection of Short Stories’. Both books can be found for sale on 😅

      I’m also still looking for new opportunities so send some my way if you do come across them! Thanks again!

      1. Really? I am going on nook now. Kenkey for Ewes indeed. Lol.

        Wicked. Ah dey go buy am now. I feel ‘Kenkey for Ayi’s People ‘ would have made a far more arresting title. Simply because of the inherent need to understand who Ayis people are and anyone looking into it gets a history lesson too and they won’t even know they have just been educated. Great title though. Maan I luv your writing style paaaaah. R u really my cuz? Dunno. WhatsApp me on 07984572701. Let’s talk private. Bigup and maad props!!!!

  2. Why did the woman kill the man. These two sound like star crossed lovers en route to a tragic end. They acted on impulse? Was it pre meditated? But the bumbling idiots weren’t so smart and forgot to fill up enough for the journey ahead? I like the question and response style of their conversation about fuel its hilarious 😂.

    1. Thank you! I left those questions unanswered because I wanted to leave a lot for the reader to imagine 😂 it’s a style I’m still experimenting with, glad to know it was a bit effective in this case.

  3. Well that style works a treat with me. Provokes thought in the reader. Which leaves us a hella lotta invested in the story and by extension the author. Wink wink, hint, hint. Very good. Am hooked on yer style now and it aint cos I bekeiev u be my cuz!!!! R u? How is Uncle Fred and Jimmy?

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