For Fight

Gakpo no try dodge sef as Chemical jab am some cool three blows.

E no try give am counter-punches. E just dey move slow dey watch am. Chemical  ein eye get sekof e see sey Gakpo start dey make slow. As for Chemical, the way everyday e dey tie tyre for ein waist dey go morning jogging for beach top, e no fit taya just like that. Boxing be about stamina. E sure sey Gakpo no dey train. Tueh.

For Chemical ein back the Bukom boys all dey shout. Every punch wey land dey receive some loud gbemi! or gbee lɛ! for support. Demma morale dey high sekof them dey demma home turf. Wey Bukom never dey host win-and-lose.

Sekof Gakpo be Ayigbe Town boy, ein support no plenty for ein back. Some time that be why today e taya easy like that. Chemical throw two more blows wey Gakpo try block. One land for ein jaw wey e nearly fall. The referee come enter the middle tell Chemical sey make e talanku.

That be when Gakpo raise ein one leg. Chemical ein face all change. Everybody for there know sey this be Gakpo ein signature move. That be how e dey release ein gbala. Ayigbe Town boys all get gbala, especially ‘for fight’.  This dey mean sey-


As Chemical ein eye dey watch the leg, Gakpo ein blow connect plus ein face one time. E no see am sef so sey e go block am. The blow wack am make e fall ground simple.

Gakpo laugh as e take ein leg put ground again. For ein back ein boys start dey pack demma things already. Them get two more fights today, one for Nima then one for Lapaz.

Chemical dey floor wey ein coach dey fan am. Gakpo watch wey e smile.

Sometimes gbala just be your gumption.

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