Missed Call

Tsotsoo jie ein phone wey she call Van Damme ein number. As the call dey go through she start dey think about why nice boy like am go change ein name from Felix to Van Damme. What this boy want prove? Tsotsoo knorr hard guys pass am. The hard guys all she knorr too them no select demma guy-names sekof e nice. Scatter like this, e get ein name some day sekof e go scatter Obuo ein mommee ein shop sekof then Obuo dey owe am. Chompia ein guy-name dier e get am as ein then Abass fight over who be the most mafia land guard for the area –
“The number you have called cannot be reached at the mo-”
Tsotsoo bore wey she cut the line. That woman dey bore am. She no know say the call be important? Which one too be the ‘cannot be reached’? No be Felix wey tell am say if she call am anytime e go pick?

She try the number again, but still he no pick. This be the kind things e dey do make she dey bore am. As he no pick on the third try, she vex wey she pay the woman.

“Ah, I asked for fish – not wele,” Felix – Van Damme – said, looking into his bowl of waakye. Tsotsoo looked up from her bowl, chewed her food quickly while glaring at him.

“You asked for onyɛ, onyɛ. Next time kɛ atswa bo lɛ, pick-m) o-phone, buulu.”

6 thoughts on “Missed Call

  1. Herh that line weak me lmaooooo

    “You asked for onyɛ, onyɛ. Next time kɛ atswa bo lɛ, pick-m) o-phone, buulu.”

    ….my people no go kill me lmaooooo

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