‘Don’t worry about -‘ she begun, but I cut her off immediately.

‘Why the fuck do you keep saying that? Don’t worry about me. As if I’m ever going to listen to you. Of course I’ll worry. I’ll worry because I love you. I’ll call you every night to ask if you’re home and if you’ve locked all the doors because I can’t be there to lock them myself. I’ll check whether you’ve taken all your pills today, because I know you’ll forget to. And you better not fucking lie to me about them. You need to take them. How else will you get better? Don’t worry about me. You must be out of your mind. Worrying about you is the only way I can show I care from so far away. Don’t you dare take that away from me.’

‘Chill Kwame. You get way too emotional with your big brother duties. I was saying don’t worry about sending money for the car, Bra Robert says he’ll fix it for free.’ 

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