Ebi Time

Politicians dey vex me. The fact say if you no go school you no dey fit get better job dey vex me. The pastors wey dey preach for inside trotro dey vex me. The old women wey dey see my hair wey dey call me thief den wee smoker dey vex me. I no be thief walaahi. I be gameboy. Ebi ein I dey get money small small dey take buy the wee I dey smoke. But that no dey mean sey if I dey pass you for call your kiddies make them come house. Weytin concern me plus the kiddies? Them sef dey vex me.
You go fi see sey plenty things dey vex me. But nothing dey vex me pass policeman. Koti. Fire bon dem marafackas. Them wey dey stop me for car inside ask me for papers. Them wey dey like searcha me sekof rasta man always get some grass for ein pocket. I no be rasta man sef. E just be say I shon dey comb my hair. Five years this I never touch my hair plus comb. But if you talk this thing koti go slap you sey you dey diss am. Obey before complain! Them go shout put your top. But that thing sef be lie. Them just dey want make you obey, period. If you be man, complain. Them go carry you go counter-back make you chop some cool weekend for there.
The koti dey vex me pass anything for this world inside.

That be why today me then some koti fight. I dey cabbie inside wey the driver dey speed. Me I no dey drive some, I just dey pay the man wey dey drive. But as the policeman stop am e no spy am sef. Ebi me e dey want harass. But goddamn today no be good day give am. Today be the day I dey go my auntie ein funeral. This be the woman she take care of me my entire life as my mommy disappear. Poppy never spend
kaprɛ for my top. My kiddie time sef I see am like three times . So ebi this woman wey raise me. Then this koti want fool. He dey searcha me an tins. Of course today of all days some small tree go dey my pocket. I get funeral go. I no want feel some tins. I try explain give am he no soak. I try tap the cabbie inside he bore wey e push me. Ein e make I bore. You know me some place? Why say you for push me? I give am some one two one two blows make e conf. Then e no dey fit me. How he go fit sef? The Bukom boys sef hear my rundown. Like e no be say fraud good, I go turn boxer take claim money from them white marafackas them dey America. Money Pakayo an tins. By the time I finish am then he dey floor dey beg me. Koti dey beg me. You ever hear some before? I try tap the cabbie inside make we lef but opana lock the door wey e speed lef me. Then the matter be simple. I for weigh another cabbie. I stretch my hand sey I go stop another one, but the car wey stop for my front be police car. Be like them come relieve opana from post.

My story no plenty. E dey end for here. I hear say the way people cry for the funeral there?? Stop! But then I no fit go. As the other policemen see what I take do demma guy, how them go make I go? Them beat me for there nɔɔ. Them damage my eye sef. I no be boxer but rydee I get eye problem. Them make I bed counter-back like one week. Every gbɛkɛ them go come beat beat me. Wey be like God touch demma heart make them release me. The beatings no touch me sef. Weytin man no see before? The only thing e bash me be say I no go Maa Dina ein funeral. My last chance wey I go fit see am but some koti mess me up.


Ebi time.

18 thoughts on “Ebi Time

  1. You this boy! First of all, I’m so happy you’ve started posting frequently, because my life is super boring, and reading you is super fun. Secondly, you’re one of those writers who has SO MANY different voices that it never feels monotonous reading from you. Thirdly, herh, herh, this your ending, with this your character’s nonchalance dey vex me. Fourthly, this is SUPER WEIRD, because I’m currently reading Marlon James’ book, A Brief History of Seven Killings, and it’s full of street boys and gang members and whatnot with narration EXACTLY LIKE THIS, except not in pidgin but in Jamaican Patois. Fifthly…I just want a signed copy of your bestseller, okay, please and thank you.

    1. Lmaoo to be very honest reading A Brief History of Seven Killings is actually where I got the idea to start writing in Ghanaian pidgin. It was such a good read! And there’s more to come so wait on it! (And the reason I’m posting more often is because I am trying to stick to my resolutions this year, and that’s one of them ^^)

  2. Chale chale my guy!! My guy!! Glad you started writing again. You are too talented to let it go to waste chale

  3. I dey like say u fit write a whole story for pidgin inside. In fact, e dey jom me waa. It dey make I dey know say more boys dey wey dem be talented for Ghana here. Well, I dey wan make u know say ridee u show me the way, me too I go force write something for pidgin inside. Den I go go search the book u dey talk about too, A history of seven killings.

    Chale u force.

    1. Hahaha thanks waa chale! Ebi so. I go like see more stories for pidgin inside. E go fit turn something we Ghanaians go claim us wana own, like azonto. And you really for read the book. Blessings

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