Something about Attention Spans

Short attention span. Short attention span. Short…span. Short…s. I need to wash my shorts today otherwise I won’t have anything to wear to Cynthia’s place tomorrow. Oh Cynthia. The epitome of beauty. I love going to her house just to look at her. I just wish her dogs weren’t as gidigidi as Auntie Mansa’s wolves. Yes, wolves. You cannot call Auntie Mansa’s animals dogs. Incredibly big direwolves disguised as dogs is what they are. I wonder why the government hasn’t sent some Animal Control team to put them down. Does Ghana even have an Animal Control…thing? What does our government do about dangerous animals? We just pray that there’s a courageous old man in the neighbourhood with a cutlass at hand? Haven’t there been accidents involving wild animals? I don’t like animals much. Anything that creeps and crawls especially. Like ‘floor’ insects. Cockroaches, oh sweet Jesus save me from those. What kind of nasty, hard-to-kill, creatures are these? Nothing irks me more than slamming my chalewote on a cockroach only to see it still alive, even with its middles mashed. Just die, why don’t you? No you won’t die. You’re hard to kill. Like that Bruce Wayne movie. Die Hard? Yes Die Hard! Cockroaches die har- wait did I say Bruce Wayne? I meant Bruce Banner! No. I think that’s the Hulk. Yes that’s The Hulk’s name. Bruce…Bruce…Bruce…I will get thi- WILLIS! BRUCE WILLIS! Man, can that guy act or what?! I remember him from RED 2; that scene where he just bloody opens the door of a speeding car and get out smoothly guns blazing. Now that was an action movie! Man I just wish I could act too. I’d always act by fine women like-

Short attention span.

11 thoughts on “Something about Attention Spans

  1. Reminds me of my slam poem, Pay-Attention Poetry.
    “Watch me jumping
    From matter to matter to matter,
    My brain oscillates between subject matter
    as fast and as often as I switch between conversations on Whatsapp, man
    What’s happening to my attention span?”
    and so on. It begins just like this.

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