Sosu was beside himself with excitement. It was raining hard, but for once the rain wasn’t really bothering him. On a normal day, he’d be soaked to the bone in rainwater and his makeshift bed of cardboard would be nothing but pulp. Not today, he thought grinning in pride at his own ingenuity. He had made a tent for himself the previous day, using a big sheet of rubber that someone had carelessly thrown away. The rubber had probably covered some table once, because there were stains all over it. Well now it keeps the rain off me, Sosu thought. Almost all of it, he grimaced as a large drop landed on his forehead. A little of the rainwater had amassed on top of the make-shift tent and was now penetrating through a small hole. Because of how small the tent was, Sosu wasn’t allowed much space to move and so he had to endure a few more drops to the face before he made a firm decision to move out of the trajectory of the big drops. He wiggled a little but that didn’t do any good. Rather it made things worse, for the next drop landed on his right eye. If there was anything Sosu hated, it was something entering or trying to enter his eye. Another drop landing on his eye caused Sosu’s body to involuntarily jerk. He felt his foot connect with something  with a loud snap. Before he could correctly guess which of his few earthly possessions he had just damaged, the tent collapsed on him, drenching him in cold cold rainwater.

The howl of the wind muted the abusive words that Sosu shrieked as he shattered the broken stick which  had once held is ingenious creation upright into a thousand pieces.

3 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. I’m going to emulate an annoying literature teacher here and say that the theme of this story is disillusionment, and at the time of writing this, the author was going through stages of intense disappointment in something he once greatly believed in. His distress is evident in the final line especially, and it is a form of authorial intrusion that the initial joy the author once experienced at being able to handle a bad situation creatively is reflected through the actions and thoughts of the main character. So is the ‘burst-my-bubble’ moment at the end of it.
    But you know. Literature teachers are only right 5% of the time. 😉 (This, by the way, is entirely my arbitrary statistic.)

    1. My father once told me, “If you meet a woman who knows you better than you know yourself, marry her.” Unfortunately he didn’t tell me what to do if that woman and I had gone through a divorce so I shall remain mute. Unless…

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