How You Know You’re Dying

Forget the pain. Forget the grave statements by the doctors about how you may not last more than two weeks. Forget the medication, the constant scans, tests, machines, beeping, wires, more tests, tubes, IVs. Forget the smell of the hospital, its sounds, the stale taste of its food, the harried nurses and haughty doctors.

Forget them all. They won’t let you know if you’re dying.

But the hushed conversations between the visitors you receive will. Their sad smiles, and constant encouragement are telltale signs. If they come running when you ask to see them, those people that wouldn’t even stop to pick your call, or think of you long enough to send a text, you’ll start to see it. If they start to ask you what your life was like, those people that were never interested in hearing what you had to say, you’ll be close to the truth. If they only talk about the few good times you had with them whenever they are in the same room with you, you’ll be certain.

You’re dying.

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