“Keep it,” Felix said simply, more focused on the ball we were passing between ourselves as we made our way home, sweaty from a football game. As if the question I had asked was too stupid to be addressed with more than two words. I sighed. Felix really couldn’t relate, because he had incredible will-power. Something which I lacked when it came to certain things. Like the thing we were talking about.

“I knew you’d say this. All I’m saying is, I’m not going out of my way to look for sex, but if it comes, who am I to refuse? Chale I’ve meant the thing rough,” I laugh. Felix didn’t find it remotely funny.

“You want to risk your life eh? Go ahead. It’s unto you.”

“Ah but Felix, this year we are going to senior secondary school and you’re still this jon? Everybody is doing it.”

“If you want to go and get a girl pregnant or get an STD, that’s not my business. Just don’t say your friend Felix didn’t give you good advice – Good afternoon Sister Adzo!” Felix voice changed from cold to warm and friendly in the blink of an eye. We all liked Sister Adzo in the neighbourhood. She was a storekeeper, and she sold just about everything. I also greeted her with a big smile and, to Felix’s dismay, included her in our conversation.

“Sister Adzo, what do you think about virginity?” I ask, winking mischievously.

She laughed heartily.

“Hmmm virginity?” she scoffed, “As for the ‘vir’ you’re safe oh! But the rest is excuses sorr! Because if you booze, you’ll do! And since I don’t want you people to come here again holding babies, I’ll advice you to buy some of my condoms. I don’t want to hear any excuse from you young men that εyε Gin no nti!” She laughed again, obviously pleased with her pun. I laughed too. Felix looked so uncomfortable. Sister Adzo saw the look on his face and continued laughing.

“Ei yes before I forget! You Felix, the condom you bought from me last time, have you used it yet or you’re shy?”

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