You Only Love Once

The Juvenile Community

Journal Entry No. 1

At the end of this story, I’m going to die. Even without my gift of seeing into the future, the end is predictable. I’m going to die. And I know how.

I’ll meet a girl at a bank. I’ll take her number. I’ll talk to her. We’ll go see a movie. We’ll have fun. I’ll take her to her house. I’ll leave her at the gate. We’ll meet again a week later at a concert. Again I’ll escort her home. She’ll let me kiss her. That’s the moment when I fall in love. I’ll find out she’s a model. I’ll find out she likes me too. I’ll ask her out. She’ll introduce me to her parents. I’ll introduce her to mine. I’ll support her when things don’t go on well for her. She’ll fall really sick, and I’ll be the one to make her laugh. She’ll…

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