I Don’t Fear Hoo

The Juvenile Community

This taxi driver is hilarious, I thought to myself, as he expertly manoeuvred his way through the stagnant queue of cars on the road. His antics and spur of the moment turning decisions, swerving or cutting in front of someone left behind a flurry of insults and hand gestures, punctuated by the angry blasts of overused car horns. This guy is going to get us, or rather himself, in trouble.

“Haha, see them! Them think sey we all want spend the whole day for here! My friend, in life there is a first and there is a last! As for me, my time is my money!” he said, excitedly. Perhaps it was the idea of cheating people on the road that excited him, or maybe it was something entirely different. I didn’t know. All I knew was that this man was a lunatic. And I couldn’t complain. After all, I…

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