How To Con

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imageYes, aside from being a juvenile philosopher, I teach people how to con others. And how to make rice without burning it. (The secret is, “If you’ll fry it, buy it.”)


Sorry about that; advertisements annoy me too.

Okay, good whatever-time-you-read-this, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to How To Con 101. Here we will be learning about rules that govern Confidence Tricks and how to apply them. Also, you will come to appreciate it for the art that it is. If not, you need Jesus.

The Elephant in the Room
Yes, this post is about me, because I wrote it and I sure as hell am not going to make it about someone else.
Also because I’m a seasoned liar, (I have never repeated a single “I didn’t do my homework because…” lie since class five) and therefore…

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