A Christmas Memory

The Juvenile Community

Good afternoon, Juveniles! We here at TJC would like…no, love…no, are TRIPPING OVER OUR FEET to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *cue balloons and confetti* Hmm…that didn’t work. Excuse us while we go blast our props team….
Okay, we’re back! Forget about the props, those guys are fired anyway. To kick off 2014, we present to you, “A Christmas Memory,” by Antony Can-Tamakloe! *applause*
Forenote: Dear readers, apart from when we write ourselves, TJC editors are not responsible for the content of our posts. As such, if any of you have ANY problems at all with the ending of this story, please do not hesitate to severely blast the author on Twitter. His handle is @TheBlackOyibo_.
Now enjoy!

A Christmas Memory

It was another one of those slow afternoons out on the park. Adom, Lester, Prosper and I sat under the mango tree that every male person who played…

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