Where are u?

I look at the text that has lit up my phone. The phone I’m holding in my sweaty hands. My hands always get sweaty when I’m nervous. And I only get nervous around girls I like. Like her. Standing over there with her friends, waiting as one of them bought the tickets for the movie they were going to see. Pretty as her display pictures on WhatsApp, and avatars on Twitter. Or maybe even prettier. Yes, definitely prettier. She’s looking at her phone screen, and partially involved in the conversation her friends are having. The girl buying their tickets appears from nowhere, and apparently she says something funny because she looks up from the phone screen and laughs, then makes a face and playfully punches her. There is more laughter. And I’m standing there, a few feet away, completely mesmerized. And I know I’ll never be able to get closer to her. I’ll freeze. I can just tell. Look at the distance between her and I and my palms are already sweating. Any closer and I’ll just freeze. My lips would quiver. They do that when I’m too shy to say anything. So I turn and walk away, tapping furiously at my screen.


“So, do you know him?” Sandra asks me, as she hands each of us our tickets.
“Know him?” I ask, looking up from my phone screen.
“Yeah, don’t look now but there’s a guy in a white shirt totally checking you out,” Sandra says giggling.
I punch her lightly, laughing. Knowing Sandra, there probably wasn’t anyone there. I knew if I turned out of curiousity she’d laugh and say something stupid like “So all this while you were hoping someone was checking you out?”
“Oh I’m serious. Okay you can look, he’s turned.”
I turn to look at the back of someone that looks somewhat familiar.
“I think I know who that-” I start to say, but I’m interrupted by the beep of my phone. A text message from Derrick.

LOL did you take me seriously when I said I was at the mall? haha I’m at home chillin’

“Ei you and this your Derrick boy eh. Your love is something oh!” Sandra exclaims, causing the other girls to laugh.

“Ah you see, Derrick has done saahn the boy has gone. He was cute too. My friend, let’s go!” and putting my arm in her armpits, Sandra drags me away towards the cinema.

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