You Won’t Believe It

“…Oh it is simple Lily. I look old because I am older. I’m two years older than you are in fact. I started school late…hahaha you are funny…Well I didn’t really start late, I just started Ghanaian school late…kai, me? Repeated? Never!…I was born in France, you know? You don’t? Oh, well back in ’94, my father was the, you know, target of some government officials, yeah they took over so he had to go into exile. And since he didn’t want to endanger my mother, he sent her to live with her brother who worked in the Ghanaian embassy in France. And at that time my mother was pregnant with me. So I ended up being born in France. When the things settled around ’96, my dad had my mom come back to Ghana, and I started school two years older than my mates…No I don’t have a French Passport. I used to, but my father made me naturalise. Yes! Unbelievable I know, but he has really fierce national pride…Oh I don’t speak French. I was forced to learn English. My French is dead and gone. I used to have a French accent, but Ghana has taken over…oh I don’t really like talking about it…yeah, eventually you get used to the jokes about how old you look…well, no particular reason. I like you…No, like really, really like you…You don’t have to say anything…yeah, I also have to go hahah coincidence. Take care okay? Bye baby.”

I laughed out loud, after I hung up. I always got carried away with this lying thing. Still laughing, I looked through my contacts, searching for another person gullible enough to believe me.

7 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe It

  1. Is it just me or something doesn’t add up? You claim you were born in 1994, came back to Ghana in 1996 and started school two years ahead? When you mentioned earlier you started school late? Lol smh

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