When I Grow Up (Essay)

When I Grow Up

My mother likes to sell tomantoes tome tomatoes at the market. So in the morning she says I should go and fetch the water for washing the toman tomatoes at Mr. Koomson’s porlitank pollyte there. Every morning I go early, or Mr. Koomson dogs will chains chase me. The dogs are big, very big. And they are two, Snoopy and Sally. Snoopy was small before he grew big. And everyday Snoopy is biting another person. My father has told Mr. Koomson to teach Snoopy how to riss reste respect, but Mr. Koomson is the lanlod so my father cannot talk to him plenty. So everyday I go and fetch the water 3 times because if I fetch it full it will pour when the dogs chains me. My mother says it is lazyness that is doing me like that. When I grow up I want to be able to talk to dogs so that Snoopy and Sally don’t chains chase me again. Because Mr. Koomson’s son Broda brotha Rashid can talk to dogs and he tells Snoopy and Sally to chains chase the people in the house. So when I grow up, I shall know how to speak to a dog, so that Snoopy and Sally will stop.

Grace Blay-Anderson
Primary 3
Lartebiokorshie Presby One

5 thoughts on “When I Grow Up (Essay)

  1. Wow every child’s dream …to talk to dogs when they grow up! đŸ˜€ You are still the boss!good writing!

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