Last Chance

Adwoa had had enough. All she was asking for was some attention. They WERE a married couple after all right? Even if sometimes it felt like he was married to all his other commitments except this one. She loved him, that she knew. And she used to be very sure he loved her too. Maybe he still did, but she’d started to believe he thought of her more as a necessary evil than the love of his life. A hindrance that had to be tolerated for the greater good. When had it all come to this?

She stared at the wedding ring in her palm, indecisive. She knew she didn’t exactly want to leave, but then she felt she must. She didn’t like being thought of as a hindrance, a stumbling block. Her bags were packed already, had been for about three days now. She only stayed on because she was waiting for something. Something that would make her stop all this foolishness and stay with a man who obviously loved her. Something.

“Honey we need to talk,” she said, as she walked into the study, where he spent most of his nights these days.

Pastor William Aki looked up from his sermon notes and bibles all strewn on his desk to see his beautiful wife at the doorway. His eyes were bloodshot from too much reading, and his wife’s entrance was a welcome distraction. He’d been ignoring her lately, and he could tell even though she was patient with him, she had had enough.

“Yes we do,” he said quietly. “How about you go freshen up a bit, and we do so over dinner at that Italian place you like?” he added. He could tell by the look of surprise on her face that she hadn’t expected that. Is this where we’ve gotten to? he asked himself as he got up from behind his desk and headed for the bedroom. I can’t afford to lose this woman oh Lord, he mumbled in a short, awkward prayer.

Adwoa grinned as she slipped the ring back unto her finger. The devil is a liar! she sang inwardly. The future was bright.

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