I’ve had enough. The next time he does it again, I’m going to retaliate. I’ve planned it all in my head. I’m going to pound on his face with my fists till I see blood or hear a bone crack. I’m going to shove him to the ground and kick some sense into his hard, empty head. I’ll gouge out his eyes. I’ll slap him so hard his braces will bite into his cheeks and he will spit out blood. I’ll hit his chest, so that I can hear his stupid asthmatic self wheezing. I don’t care of I go to the extreme. He deserves it. Oh yes he does.

Yes, I’ve planned it all in my head. But I know the next time Julius slams his Lartebiokorshie Youth Boxing Club hardened knuckles into my head and yells “You didn’t say zanzama!” I’ll bite back my angry tears and reply with my customary “Ei Julius! Your head is hard oh! I’ll get you some!”

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